Thursday, July 9, 2009


This project can actually be fun even for the most jaded among us, unlike some projects like running shoe mold which tends to make me speak Latin backwards and spew pea soup.

The reason this type of project is cool is because we all have a picture in our mind of what looks good. Your fireplace mantel is a place where you can do a lot of stuff and make it llok great and suit your own particular tastes. The process is mostly the same to build, but the end results can be vastly different from what you had before and a beautiful change. On the down side of this, it could just be a horrific mess. Isn't that always the way.... oy.

More to come...


Nowadays people seem to be interested in decorative shelving and such. These types of projects can be done by anybody because they are so simple when you break down the steps. By the way, chicks dig shelves. (Yes, we do.... ~Editor)

More to come...

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